We are inventive

We create and develop platforms for mobile and connected devices dedicated to the transition to a sustainable world ..

"Envol Tunisie" is the result of the meeting between Esprit -an IT Engineering school- with a high level of human skills pool and a Malian investor.

 We have the skills

This very special chemistry between a higher education institute and an industrial well rooted in the West Africa region is a major innovation and an example of a South-South partnership around the the design and the development of IT services to be deploymed in Africa ..

Our strength

Solid with a strong presence in West Africa through Envol Technology subsidiaries in the area : GMI (Groupe Informatique Mali) in Mali and OTA (One Tech Africa) in Ivory Coast. The local roots consolidates the better understanding of the specific needs of the region and develop platforms well suited to the specific characteristics and needs of customers.